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One Father's Son Ch.21-30

Posted by chiak on 2009.04.25 at 15:59
Story title: One Father's Son Ch.21-30
Story author:stele3
Read by:chiak
Warning: the profanity seems to have increased in these last few chapters
Format: mp3
Chapter 21 starts in this section.
Approximate length: 6 hr 9 min (Ch.21-30), 12 hr 41 min (all)
Story summary: AU for season two. After the car crash, Sam and Dean struggle to deal with their father's death, and make a startling discovery: they have a younger brother, Reese, who's got his own demonic issues.

Ch.21-30 via megaupload.

All Chapters permanent link at this site by general_jinjur.
All Chapters via megaupload.


(Anonymous) at 2010-02-16 19:50 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you so much for making an audio of this! It's a great story, and I love your reading, especially the voices you give them.
chiak at 2010-02-17 21:20 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you, it definitely took a long time to make. I wasn't aware of the challenge of a 40,000 words story, but it was fun making those voices.
moong0ddess at 2011-12-01 22:57 (UTC) (Link)
Excellent job. I inhale these audiofics like crack. I have a question that I cannot find answer to and it is driving me absolutely crazy. On the art for this story at author's site it does not reference who the actor is that is supposed to be Reese. Went to the artist site also and no info on actor's identity there either. I know I've seen him. Thanks for your help and most excellent job.
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