April 25th, 2009

  • chiak

One Father's Son Ch.21-30

Story title: One Father's Son Ch.21-30
Story author:stele3
Read by:chiak
Warning: the profanity seems to have increased in these last few chapters
Format: mp3
Chapter 21 starts in this section.
Approximate length: 6 hr 9 min (Ch.21-30), 12 hr 41 min (all)
Story summary: AU for season two. After the car crash, Sam and Dean struggle to deal with their father's death, and make a startling discovery: they have a younger brother, Reese, who's got his own demonic issues.

Ch.21-30 via megaupload.

All Chapters permanent link at this site by general_jinjur.
All Chapters via megaupload.