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This community is for the distribution of audio recordings of Supernatural fanfic novels. For excellent recordings of short stories and novel excerpts, please check out the awesome EVP Podcast at spnfic_podcast. embroiderama and grrli decided to start this community because we came up with a plan to record the entirety of Of Bastard Saints by nilchance and beanside.

We realized that the ongoing chapters would totally overwhelm the podcast, so we thought we should distribute it separately. The plan is to post two chapters per week until the story is finished.

However, we'd also like to open the door to other Supernatural fans who want to read fanfic novels, either their own works or that of other authors. (Though please do get permission before reading and posting another person's work, of course!) Gen and slash are both welcome. If you want to start a recording project, please post in this thread to stake your claim and to get posting access. This community should be limited to audio postings and admin notes, so only people intending to be readers will need posting access.

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